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About us.

Navalia International is an Estonian registered company with English/ Estonian co-ownership and with the knowledge and experience in the production of house boats and floating properties which we believe to be unrivalled throughout Europe. With our small management team and skilled contruction workers we have jointly cooperated on the production of approximately 20 floating constructions for various clients and companies over a 4 year period.
With Navalia International's wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field it enables us to produce floating homes at a cost level similar per square meter to many land based homes of the same size. So for those clients who have always dreamed to live by the water they can now enjoy the benefits of living on the water for the same costs.
Navalia International is responsible for the complete production phase from design through to final delivery of the property at the clients chosen destination.
Navalia International is based in the Port of Tallinn, Estonia equipped with harbour and quayside facilities.
All floating properties produced by Navalia International conform to local building codes of practice and building standards and also to the applicable Maritime regulations.
It is also Navalia International standard practice to invite clients to a supervised visit of our facility to view the houseboat during the various stages of the production phase. Prior to production start up the client is provided with a detailed Production Schedule which shows the most appropriate stages for viewing of the houseboat and all the client is required to do is to confirm prior to the visit of their intended participation. Safety equipment and clothing is provided during the visit.
Our sub-contractors and partners in the production of floating homes include Loksa Shipyard, Pluvo OÜ - Bureau Veritas certified electrical engineers and various Real Estate Agencies.