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Navalia International Partners.

Navalia International cooperates with a wide range of companies to provide the client with a high quality floating home at an affordable level. The production of a floating home must be a smooth transition from design through to the end product and therefore it is important during the entire production phase that we have partners who are as reliable and customer focused as we are here at Navalia International. Through long term associations and vast experience in the field we have been able to determine which partners can provide the best quality service, materials and products suitable to the production of floating homes.

Click on the links below to discover more about some of the companies we use.

 + Loksa Shipyard
 + Pluvo 
 + AS Feb                   
 + Grundfos                
 + Glaskek                 
 + Plastmerk              
 + Kahur                     
 + Karu Katus            
 + Movek